Illustrating books is something I find both inspiring and enjoyable. In addition it is informative which always interesting. Subjects included here are: mind, body, lifestyle, travel and children's. Clients include iSeek Publishing, Ryland Peters and Small, CICO Books, Quadrille Publishing, Dorling Kindersley ‎and Ivy Press.

  • Rouge And Merlot

    Rouge And Merlot

  • Arc De Triomphe

    Arc De Triomphe

  • Percy the Pig

    Percy the Pig

  • French Avenue

    French Avenue

  • Sew Cute Bits and Bobs

    Sew Cute Bits and Bobs

  • French Lamp posts

    French Lamp posts

  • Clean Cat

    Clean Cat

  • Career Ladder

    Career Ladder

  • Hands Linking

    Hands Linking

  • Eiffel Tower with Flags

    Eiffel Tower with Flags

  • Five Elements

    Five Elements

  • Long dog

    Long dog

  • Aries


  • Tortoise


  • Dundee Cake

    Dundee Cake

  • Weather Icon

    Weather Icon

  • Capricorn


  • Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal