Decorative Work

It is always a delight to work decoratively as it is a great platform for creativity. Work here mainly includes greetings cards from Christmas, Mothers Day and Weddings through to Birthdays and Special Occasions. My designs have been licensed to Oxfam, Almac Gallery, Elle Publishing, Society for the Deaf, Stuck4Words, Seadragon Publishing, Card Connection and John Lewis to name a few.

  • Fresco


  • Winter Garden Robin

    Winter Garden Robin

  • Party Tricks

    Party Tricks

  • Christmas Tree Dove

    Christmas Tree Dove

  • Twelve Days Christmas Folk

    Twelve Days Christmas Folk

  • Moonlight Skating

    Moonlight Skating

  • Yappy Christmas

    Yappy Christmas

  • Twelve Days Folk Tree

    Twelve Days Folk Tree

  • Skating Fairy

    Skating Fairy

  • Nativity In The Desert

    Nativity In The Desert

  • Skating Santa

    Skating Santa

  • Cracker Faries

    Cracker Faries

  • Robins Seranade

    Robins Seranade

  • Stable View

    Stable View

  • Penguin's Party

    Penguin's Party

  • Twelve Days Of Christmas Colour Squares

    Twelve Days Of Christmas Colour Squares

  • Decorative Reindeer

    Decorative Reindeer

  • Smiling Snowman

    Smiling Snowman