I have dedicated this section to lettering as this is work I enjoy more and more. Sometimes I combine letters and imagery and sometimes the lettering is the main part of the design. I find combining letters or numbers with shape and patters is particularly pleasing and works well to highlight a message.

  • Hope


  • Eighteen Today

    Eighteen Today

  • Ding Dong Merrily

    Ding Dong Merrily

  • One Today

    One Today

  • Doorstop Spot

    Doorstop Spot

  • I'm at An age

    I'm at An age

  • A Dogs Dinner

    A Dogs Dinner

  • You Should Live Everyday

    You Should Live Everyday

  • Eight Today

    Eight Today

  • Do Not Worry About Avoiding Temptation

    Do Not Worry About Avoiding Temptation

  • A Merry Christmas Tree

    A Merry Christmas Tree

  • Three Today

    Three Today

  • Two Today

    Two Today

  • Illuminated Tower

    Illuminated Tower

  • Love


  • I Love You

    I Love You

  • Ten Today

    Ten Today

  • You're My Hot Dog

    You're My Hot Dog