Limited Edition Prints

A couple of years ago I acquired a dog which led me to producing a series of different breeds of dog. Although my dog is actually a mutt! I sell these as limited edition prints. These prints have added flitter highlighting collars, scarves, and bows for that extra glamorous look! The prints have a maximum run of twenty five.

You can buy these images on a variety of products from mugs and tote bags to pillows and iPhone cases from the Society6 website.

  • Ralph The Daschund

    Ralph The Daschund

  • Polly The Poodle

    Polly The Poodle

  • Iggy The Spaniel

    Iggy The Spaniel

  • Budda The Pug

    Budda The Pug

  • Barnsley The Wheaten Terrier

    Barnsley The Wheaten Terrier

  • Biff The Jack Russell

    Biff The Jack Russell

  • Wilf The Whippet

    Wilf The Whippet

  • Crystal The Staffie

    Crystal The Staffie

  • Delphi The Labrador

    Delphi The Labrador

  • Pierre The French Bulldog

    Pierre The French Bulldog

  • Cally The Collie

    Cally The Collie

  • Ed The Schnauser

    Ed The Schnauser

  • Odin The Boxer

    Odin The Boxer

  • Buffy The Lurcher

    Buffy The Lurcher

  • Danny The Dalmation

    Danny The Dalmation

  • Indie The German Shepherd

    Indie The German Shepherd