I love to paint and the endless possibilities it offers. I have held exhibitions but more recently I showcase my work online. Most of the work shown here is inspired by my travel experiences. Some of the artwork is available as limited edition printsnor as originals. If you are interested in purchasing a print or an original painting please contact me.

  • Sleeping Cat

    Sleeping Cat

  • Cat In Meadow

    Cat In Meadow

  • Cat And Fish

    Cat And Fish

  • Cat Butterflies And Bees

    Cat Butterflies And Bees

  • Cat On Roof

    Cat On Roof

  • Cat In Sun

    Cat In Sun

  • Exoctic Tulip

    Exoctic Tulip

  • Indian Saris

    Indian Saris

  • Flamenco


  • Hot Poppy

    Hot Poppy

  • Indian Water Carriers

    Indian Water Carriers

  • Rajastan dance

    Rajastan dance

  • Hill Billy

    Hill Billy

  • Sea Horses

    Sea Horses

  • Blinky Bear

    Blinky Bear

  • Bull Fight

    Bull Fight

  • French Hens

    French Hens

  • Amber