Many of my images are available to purchase as prints and greetings cards or on merchandise like mugs, T-shirts and pencil cases. I sell through online merchants like Thortful, Red Bubble, Society6 and who ship the products directly to you, or via Etsy where I deal with you personally. If you would like to purchase any of my images on a card or merchadise please let me know and i will probably be able to make it available for you.

Greetings Cards from Thortful

These pictures are all available as greetings cards directly from my page on Thortful.

  • Father's Day Elephant

    Father's Day Elephant

  • Father's Day Giraffe

    Father's Day Giraffe

  • Mother's Day Koala

    Mother's Day Koala

  • To My Special Mum

    To My Special Mum

  • Happy 21st Birthday

    Happy 21st Birthday

  • Happy 18th Birthday

    Happy 18th Birthday

  • Tree Of Dogs

    Tree Of Dogs

Merchandise from Society6

These pictures are all available from Society6 on a variety of products like T-Shirts, pencil cases, tote bags and many more.

  • Gertrude The Daschund

    Gertrude The Daschund

  • Polly The Poodle

    Polly The Poodle

  • Iggy The Spaniel

    Iggy The Spaniel

  • Budda The Pug

    Budda The Pug

  • Barnsley The Wheaten Terrier

    Barnsley The Wheaten Terrier

  • Biff The Jack Russell

    Biff The Jack Russell

  • Crystal The Staffie

    Crystal The Staffie

  • Delphi The Labrador

    Delphi The Labrador

  • Pierre The French Bulldog

    Pierre The French Bulldog

  • Ed The Schnauser

    Ed The Schnauser

  • Odin The Boxer

    Odin The Boxer

  • Buffy The Lurcher

    Buffy The Lurcher

  • Danny The Dalmation

    Danny The Dalmation

  • Indie The German Shepherd

    Indie The German Shepherd

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